Ryohei Nakano

Japanese version is also available.

Current Position:
Department of Computer Science
Chubu University

Address: 1200 Matsumoto-cho, Kasugai, 487-8501 Japan
email: nakano@cs.chubu.ac.jp


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Research Interests:

Neural Information Processing and Machine Learning

  • Learning Algorithms:
    • multi-layer perceptron learning using singular regions
    • advanced multi-layer perceptron models
    • global variants of the EM algorithm
    • support vector regression
  • Hidden Structure Discovery:
    • L-system grammar induction
    • numeric law discovery using neural networks
    • behavioral rules learning using classifier systems
  • Machine Learning Applications:
    • job shop scheduling using genetic algorithms
    • machine learning for computer shogi
    • social network analysis


statistics on citations: GoogleScholar

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Previous Professorship

Guest Professor (1998-2000)
Graduate School of Information Science
Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Part-time Lecturer

Full Professor (1999-2008)
Graduate School of Engineering
Nagoya Institute of Technology

Joint Research with Foreign Researchers

Those below were done while I was working for NTT Communication Science Labs.
  • Prof. S.I. Gallant (Northeastern Univ.)
    his visit: Oct.-Dec. 1989
    joint research topic: connectionist expert systems
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  • Dr. Y. Davidor (Weizmann Institute)
    his visit: Oct.-Dec. 1992
    joint research topic: statistical model of genetic algorithms
  • Prof. B.E. Rosen (Univ. of Texas, Austin)
    his visit: June-Aug. 1993
    joint research topic: job shop scheduling using SA
  • Prof. P. Esteves (Univ. of Chile)
    his visit: Apr.-June 1995
    joint research topic: modular neural networks
  • Prof. G.E. Hinton (Univ. of Toronto)
    his visit: Apr. 1997
    joint research topic: Bayesian networks
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  • Prof. J.A. Meyer (Ecole Normale Superieure)
    his visit: May 1997
    joint research topic: computational model of adaptive behavior
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